Cherrie Mansfield


"Colour excites me, grabs my attention and fuels my creativity."

Cherrie Mansfield creates bold, expressive artwork that catches the eye and fires the imagination.   Close examination of her work reveals mesmerising contours of colour, intriguing marks and undulating textures.


Cherrie says, “Colour excites me, grabs my attention and fuels my creativity.  I work quite quickly and instinctively without much pre-planning. Once I’ve selected my palette I get to work with painting knives, rubber tipped brushes and colour shapers liberally applying acrylic paint, often straight from the tube, scraping and mark making.“


Alongside her love of colour, Cherrie’s work is also influenced by geological formations, the dramatic coastlines of West Cornwall and anything from the pattern of a dress to a bunch of plastic spades at the seaside.  Her intention is to create art that provokes a reaction from the viewer, arouses their curiosity and causes them to look more closely.  


Cherrie’s vibrant paintings are regularly exhibited in the West Midlands and have also been shown in London and St Ives.   She is an ArtGemini Prize finalist, has been shortlisted in national competitions and her work has been selected for the Society of Women Artists Annual Exhibition in London.  


Last year, along with a fine art photographer, Cherrie was commissioned to create bespoke designs for windows in the former Hop Market Hotel on Foregate Street for Worcester’s outdoor gallery project. 

Cherrie has recently completed her largest artwork to date – an elephant sculpture for Worcester’s Big Parade this summer.   She lives in Worcester and is a co-organiser of Worcestershire Open Studios.